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Despite its apparent simplicity, the dinghy 12' created in 1913 by George Cookshot is still considered to be one of the most refined, technically perfect sport sail craft, a cult tender that many owners of large yachts use for competing in thrilling races. Many enthusiasts carry one on board their megayacht as a toy to provide entertainment during a cruise.

In the 1977 Danilo Bonaldo built the first wood and fiberglass dinghy in his Chioggia-Venezia yard. He took a wooden dinghy, old but with highly-prized water line, made a cast and used it as the mould for his first creation, the ITA-1599. He called it Mara in honour of his daughter. After producing 50 of these craft, Bonaldo Danilo retired from yachtbulding.

The wonderfull Dinghy 12' Bonaldo has recently been given a new lease on life, thanks to the iniziative of a Venetian entrepreneur driven by a passion for nautical tradition. Enrico Zaffalon, a sail yachtsman and former sport manager for the Italian Sailing Federation, has allowed the dinghy's original build quality to remain intact.

Great care and attention has been lavished on the look. Finishing, materials and equipment of this new Bonaldo dinghy 12', with isopthalic resins and solid mahogany, maple, oak and fir, exclusively hand-worked by a master carpentier.

Clients can choose their prefered hull livery from a wide range of pastel colour. The gear, sails and rigging all bear the name of the finest brands.


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